Anne-Marie (danceswithbeans) wrote,

Need to go buy more hangers, the good kinda and not the kind from the dry cleaners...

Also, seem to have misplaced my Edgar Allen Poe book. I need it for this semester, again. Prof seems to have a real proclivity for the dude. Not really looking forward to re-reading "Arthur Gordon Pymn." It is weird and makes me think of a failed Edgar Rice Burroughs book. Also, it oddly reminds me of a George Sand book about a world inside of geodes and crystals... (one of her weirder books too).

I need to get rid of some shoes, I think. I have a pair of sneakers and obviously the boots that killed my foot for a month are going. Debating getting rid of another pair of boots. I paid FIVE DOLLARS for them, which is why I don't want to get rid of them...probably a stupid reason, I'd wear them more, but they also aren't comfortable. Other than that, they are great. :/ I also have a metric ton of prom-type-shoes.

I'm also missing some shoes that I would doubt they've been eaten by my sisters' closet. I tried to go looking for them once, barely got out of there alive. I'm betting they have the singing trash heap from Fraggle Rock in their room somewhere.
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