Anne-Marie (danceswithbeans) wrote,


I went to charge up my Argus Bean camera the other day (it is really small and clips onto belt loops, I love it but it is only good for snapshot photos, so I haven't been using it since I got my fancy Nikon)... and it is broken! Somehow the months of sitting in a drawer broke the USB port. Boooooo!

I just looked up online to see if I could replace it. I bought it at the time b/c it was super cheap and pretty durable (we know I am rough on electronics). Now I'd have to pay triple what I originally paid for it. What? Grrrr.

I'm just going to have to keep my eye out for a cheap replacement. With all my traveling around DC and other places lately I've really been wanting a camera with me and unless I am going specifically somewhere as a tourist I don't want to drag my nice camera with me, I have other stuff I'm lugging around with me. Its that or drag around a bigger bag. Argh

RIP Argus Bean :(
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