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Words of Wisdumb

Only Puppies and Christmas here.

11 July 1981
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Pursuing a graduate degree, but still don't know what I want to be when I grow up at all. First things, first. I'm a master procrastinator and and minutely organize the stupidest things while having the messiest room on the face of the planet.

I work in a bookstore, my job is to make things pretty.

(I am procrastinating a paper as I update this profile.)

Beans are sort of my personal emblem--long story. Got the user name from my oldest (As in known the longest) friend, spyderqueen

Essentially I am a big dork. There is nothing cool about me, I like geeky things and unlike the movie the school jock has yet to see the splendors of me. (I have yet to see the splendors of him either though, so its a mutual ignorance of the Hollywood script) Though if a Mr.Darcy were to cross my path I wouldn't object.


80s cartoons, ancient greece, ancient rome, angel, annapolis, aristophanes, artemis fowl, batman, beagles, beethoven, billy idol, boromir, bubble lights, buffy the vampire slayer, butler, caesar, cake, candy, captain kirk, carmen sandiego, carrots, cartoons, chocolate, christmas carols, classical music, clue, colin firth, comic books, comics, cookie monster, cookies, creativity, crossovers, cruxshadows, cuchulain, d.c., david bowie, days of our lives, dessert, disney, donald carrier, earthsea, edgar rice burroughs, enchanted chocolate pot, epics, er, fanfic, foaly, folklore, food, france, frogs, frostys, gargoyles, george sand, geraint wyn davies, gilderoy lockhart, girl scouts, goblins, harry potter, he-man, hercules, history, homer, hotel shampoos, illiad, internet, james marsters, james potter, jane austen, jeeves, jem, jim henson, kermit the frog, killing time, king arthur, l.frank baum, labyrinth, lawn ornaments, lemony snickett, leonard nimoy, lilo and stitch, literature, marauders, marvel comics, mo willems, mr. darcy, muppets, music, myth-o-mania, mythology, naval academy, odin, oranges, oz, p.g. wodehouse, passions, peeps, pemberley, photography, piano, pink flamingos, pirates of the carribean, postcards, presidents, procrastination, puck, river phoenix, robin hood, rome, rping, sailor moon, salads, scotty, sean bean, she-ra, sirius black, sleeping beauty, smcm, snow, snow angels, snowballs, snowmen, space ghost, spike, spock, star trek, stitch, superman, tarzan, the calling, the duchess of malfi, the lorax, the office, the princess diaries, the world, tim curry, time trax, tinsel, toons, tribbles, troy, unicorns, ursula k. leguin, violin, wendys, william shatner, writing, x-men, zorak