Anne-Marie (danceswithbeans) wrote,

Z came over for the better part of the day today. Was nice to have her around for a bit. I spent most of my day working on an application. I seriously I hope I get at least an interview for this job. I really need something. At first I was too brain damaged from the store and the liquidation to actually have any issues with being unemployed but now it it is starting to get to me. It really wears thin on the psyche. Six months, I know that is a cake walk of unemployment compared to what other people I know have had to deal with.

I actually updated my resume for this job, that is how much I'd actually like to get somewhere with it.

Part of it I know is me being a little picky in terms of what I am applying to. I know I could easily get a job in a few places, like retail again. And it isn't because I hate retail, there is a lot to be gained from spending time doing retail. Money however, isn't one of them, heh. I know I am a strong worker because of my time in retail. I have had some really excellent on the floor training in terms of dealing with crazy people and crazy situations (yeah...shooting anyone?). However, I've been there, done that and there are things that aren't going to change about the retail world that I'd rather not have to deal with. I'd like to not have to fight for holidays off, primarily. It is an awful thing when you are made to feel guilty for not working on say Easter.

I got an email from the hermit today. Out of the blue, saying how he misses chatting with me. It was nice to hear from him. I've learned alot about people, and myself, because of my friendship with him. I've learned how to let them go. Which is something that wasn't easy for me to learn at all. I guess my reward for accepting that with him is I get occasional little messages from him. It is funny how many times I have had to use that lesson in my life. It does make me appreciate my real friends that much more though. I really have some wonderful people in my life that I wouldn't trade for anyone.

I have to take Belle to the vet again tomorrow for some Xrays. To determine if she has cancer or not. *sigh* Poor thing, third time to the vet this month, this will not make for a happy beagle.
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