Anne-Marie (danceswithbeans) wrote,

Looking at what jobs are available just depresses me. I don't want to do them, they don't excite me they don't even interest me in the slightest. The thing after looking thru the first 11 pages of Baltimore Sun ads that most caught my eye was being an Avon Rep. Haha. I haven't heard back from the job I applied to last week that I was so excited about, so I think that is not going to happen, sadly.

I'm really liking my internship, it is nice being around people again and in a work environment, even if it is only like four of them. Luckily they are a really fun crew smart and sassy, exactly how I like my people.

I did spend some really nice time outside today. I was killing time before hopping on the metro (thought i was going to miss peak hours, that plan failed, ehh). I sat on a bench on the Mall and worked on a drawing I am doing for my dad (he needs a few illustrations for his newest book). Was nice to just be there. Had some nice joggers smiling as they zipped passed (past? I can't ever figure it out).

Was annoyed because I lost my metro card somewhere today, luckily it only had 2 bucks on it so it wasn't too big of a deal that I had to buy a new one, but still. Grrr.

Tried a wrap from Pret a Mange actually a wrap I would get again (I sort of don't like floppy tortiallas).
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